All's well that ends well in the case of Benji the beagle.

After having been surrendered to the Masterton District Council last month, Benji was welcomed into his new home with Elizabeth Andrew on Thursday.

She had seen Benji in the Times-Age that morning and picked him up that afternoon.

"When I saw this beautiful little fella in the paper, there was no way I was going to leave him there in the pound."


Mrs Andrew said Benji had been given a long-awaited bath and was checked over by the vet, who said he was between eight and 10 years old.

"He's in good nick and he's looking a lot better now. He's bright eyed and his tail is wagging."

Benji had "obviously been left very lonely" at times, Mrs Andrew said. "He absolutely loves cuddles."

Benji was turned over to Masterton District Council with another dog a few weeks ago, after the couple who owned them could no longer care for the pair.

"He's been sulking around the house. I guess he's missing his friend."

Mrs Andrew said she too had been looking for a companion - her beloved dog Zymba died last year, a dog she rescued from being put down in 2004.

She said she was thankful for the donations of a walking harness and car seat cover for Benji by Ross Nixon and Fleur Harlick, formerly of the SPCA Op Shop.

Mr Nixon and Ms Harlick confirmed earlier this week they were stepping down from their roles at the Chapel St store.