Right Wing Resistance member Vaughan Tocker said it was Dame Susan Devoy's letter in the Times-Age, plus a recommendation from the police, that made him forgo his intention to attend the March for Moko in Masterton on Monday.

Instead, Mr Tocker and his supporters went to Christchurch to march there.

The Right Wing Resistance, a white pride organisation whose members wear uniforms resembling those worn by SS soldiers, declared their intention to march for Moko in Masterton to support the protest against child abuse.

The move was widely condemned on social media, alongside a letter from Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy, published in the Times-Age, which deplored Mr Tocker's "dress-up" neo-Nazi uniform.


Mr Tocker said the police came to talk to him in Masterton "and didn't want me wearing our uniform there".

He said in any case he did not feel safe attending the Masterton march.

"I feel discriminated," he said.

"I didn't think it was going to be safe, simple as that."