A mean theft has robbed a young netball team of nearly all money raised for their playing season.

The team of 12-year-olds has been left disheartened after $750 they had fundraised was stolen from the Colombo Rd netball courts on the weekend.

The theft happened at midday on Saturday at the spot where a sausage sizzle was being held, hosted by the Year 8 Wairarapa rep netball team to raise money for their hoodies and season tournaments.

Team manager Rosslyn Bartlett said the entire day's takings from the sausage sizzle was stolen, as well as half the profits from a previous fundraising event which had been used as the float on the day.


She said the money had been hidden and disappeared while parents of the team members worked to pack up the sausage sizzle.

"We're obviously really upset," Mrs Bartlett said.

"The girls couldn't understand how someone could come and take all the money they had worked really hard for.

"That was the saddest thing, trying to explain it to them."

Ocean Bartlett, 12, said she was shocked when her mother told her what happened.

"I was angry. Really annoyed at the person who stole it.

"We had worked really hard for it, with two sausage sizzles, and now we have no money."

Mrs Bartlett said the money was meant to help offset tournament costs to the team members' families so they didn't have to "keep forking out".

"Now we're going to have to try and find another way to try and fundraise the money for that."

She said the theft was "sad for the girls and their families, who have put in their time and money [towards the team]."

Premier Beehive in Carterton had donated 300 sausages to the team, all of which had sold at the fundraiser.

Team members had donated other barbecue ingredients and some family members had given up their time to run the sausage sizzle.

Mrs Bartlett said Netball Wairarapa has put up a donation link on its website, if people wish to help.