The principal of a Masterton college is urging the hoons who are damaging the school's cricket pitch and rugby field to show some "common sense".

Wairarapa College acting principal Peter Gould said people had been entering the school grounds at night and doing "donuts" on the grass at the weekends, damaging the turf. The "high jinks" meant extra work for the team maintaining the grounds and extra expense for the school, which had been forced to ramp up its security, he said.

"It's just frustrating for the team involved that are repeating work when they don't need to.

"It has a big effect on us in terms of our preparation for our big sporting fixtures."


Mr Gould said he was concerned the damage could affect the school's preparation for the next cricket season.

"It puts them back for next season's cricket pitch ... and a lot of kids love their sport and want the turf to be in top order."

The school had installed security cameras and tried to block access to the area, as well as contacting police, he said.

"We've put measures in place that should restrict that access and make sure that any opportunity for this to happen ceases.

"There's always a cost around that and we would prefer it if people would show some common sense.

"We just hope people can be reflective and use their energy in more positive pursuits."

He urged anyone who saw anything suspicious to contact police and the school.