A Masterton business has taken to social media in an effort to catch two burglars who ram-raided the door to their yard, stealing bikes worth at least $6000.

The burglars broke into Langlands Motorcyles in Masterton in the early hours of Wednesday morning, stealing two children's bikes belonging to the firm's customers.

CCTV pictures of the two men, who were wearing hoodies and had bandannas hiding their faces, were posted to the company's Facebook page this week, garnering more than 1400 views and 275 shares.

Manager of Langlands Motorcycles Amber Greenfield said she was astounded by the response.


"People are quite supportive of trying to help because they don't want that kind of stuff in their community, I guess. I was astounded by how many people gave names and stuff.

"We've had an overwhelming response and I think it was advantageous to us that the car was quite distinctive."

The burglars had tried to open the roller door, but had eventually given up and backed their Hyundai XL Hatch into the door.

The enclosed area where the nearly new, 2015 Honda CRF150F two-wheeler and a Suzuki LT50 kid's quad bike had been awaiting repairs had been well-secured, Mrs Greenfield said.

"You think that everything is secured to the point that it would be reasonably difficult to get in but they always find a way."

What made the burglary more frustrating was the fact the bikes belonged to customers, Mrs Greenfield said.

"They actually belong to someone and they were kids' bikes - it's not so bad when it's one that's just on the floor - you don't feel so bad but when it belongs to someone it's a bit worse.

"They were pretty gutted to lose their kids' bikes but they were really good about it, and understanding, but you feel bad when something is in your care and it goes missing."

The company had been supported by nearby businesses, who had made their own CCTV footage of the burglars fleeing the area available to Langlands and the police.

Detective Sergeant Dean Cadwallader said police on Thursday afternoon had impounded a car linked to the burglary.

The driver of the vehicle is still being sought by police.