A car in a precarious position in Masterton's Chapel St yesterday was hard to miss.

The green Toyota RAV4 ended up nose first on the pavement when it went off the edge of a metre-high retaining wall, after the driver mixed up her foot pedals.

The incident happened just before midday in The Warehouse car park.

Wairarapa police Senior Constable Harvey Pope said he had been driving along Chapel St when he spotted the vehicle in an unusual position.


"I came upon it and an upset driver, who had mistakenly got her accelerator and brake mixed up - poor thing."

The woman, thought to be in her mid-30s and the sole occupant of the vehicle, sheltered in a police car out of sight from curious onlookers.

Mr Pope said there had been "no injuries - just her pride".

There was no obvious damage to the vehicle, which was pulled back up to the car park by a fire engine, with the help of air bags to lift up the front of the vehicle and a wooden ramp thrown together on the spot by a fire crew.

Mr Pope said the incident had coincidentally occurred within metres of a spot where a woman had inadvertently done something similar in 2014.