Police are increasing patrols in Martinborough after a recent spate of vineyard burglaries.

Several vineyards have been broken into over the past few weeks, with cash from the till targeted.

Detective Sergeant Dean Cadwallader said police were investigating the burglaries and had increased patrols.

"It appears to be a little bit of a trend where cash has been taken."


Windows had been smashed and entry forced in all of the burglaries, although nothing had been taken in several cases, as the burglars had been scared off by alarms, he said.

All the burglaries took place at night or in the early hours of morning, and bottles of wine on the premises had been ignored.

Some of the vineyards were in isolated locations which would have required a car to access, MrCadwallader said.

Police had since contacted all the vineyards in the Martinborough area and provided them with crime prevention advice.

Anyone who had seen something suspicious was asked to contact Masterton police on 06 370 0378.