Google search trends reveal Hawke's Bay people are becoming increasingly interested in Wairarapa real estate and jobs in the district -- but this interest is not necessarily followed through.

The publicly available data by Google Trends shows how often a particular search-term is googled from different areas.

Data analysis by Wairarapa Times-Age show Hawke's Bay is topping the Google searches for real estate in Masterton, Carterton and Eketahuna this year.

Hawke's Bay has also shown an increased interest in Greytown and Martinborough over the past three years.


Property Brokers regional manager Guy Mordaunt said property sales have not reflected these Google search trends and buyers from Wellington and Auckland are still the big players.

"People from Hawke's Bay occasionally buy houses here but it would be occasionally. It's not like people from Auckland, where in the past six months we've got heaps of them buying houses," Mr Mordaunt said.

"Auckland has jumped massively in the last year, certainly in the past six months or so, but Wellington people are still our major buyers.

"There's always interest from Wellington especially in South Wairarapa towns.

"Auckland is the spike and Wellington is the constant. People from Wellington always buy here."

Mr Mordaunt said figures from last quarter show Hawke's Bay is "a fairly long way down the list" of people looking to buy in Wairarapa.

The Marlborough and Manawatu-Wanganui regions are also keen Googlers for Wairarapa real estate this year with the Manawatu-Wanganui region showing an increased interest in all Wairarapa towns as compared to last year.

The same data range for 2016 shows the Wellington region has a soft spot for real estate in Martinborough and Greytown this year topping those searches and displaying a declined interest in Carterton and Masterton properties compared with other years.

Other Google Trends data shows the most popular Wairarapa-related search term since 2004 from within New Zealand is the Wairarapa Times-Age. The most popular queries were "wairarapa times age" and "times age" followed by "masterton" and "south wairarapa".