"Day zero" is looming for multiple sclerosis battler Nikki Regnault.

The Greytown mother-of-three is due to complete an intensive round of chemotherapy this week in an attempt to beat the crippling disease through stem cell treatment.

Mrs Regnault left to receive treatment in Singapore in February and recently completed stage one of the treatment, the collection of stem cells.

Despite being tired she had been Skyping home every night, making jokes and staying positive, husband Wayne Regnault said.


"We are in the depths of it [the treatment] but she's doing really well."

The "triple dose" of intensive chemotherapy intended to destroy Mrs Regnault's immune system and the abnormal cells responsible for her disease began last week, with doses gradually building to a peak this week.

Thursday is scheduled to be "day zero", the day when her harvested stem cells are reintroduced. It was a date that people who underwent the treatment referred to as their new birthday, Mr Regnault said.

The collection of stem cells had gone quicker than anticipated but it remained to be seen how she would cope with a full dose of chemotherapy, he said.

"I'm not sure how she'll be tonight or if we'll even get a call because she might just not feel like it, but to date she's been pretty good."

Mr Regnault returned from Singapore late last month and since then has been kept busy with the children, despite some "fantastic" support from friends and family.

"It's keeping me on my toes between cooking and cleaning and school lunches."

Since his departure, Mrs Regnault's family are taking turns keeping her company in Singapore.

Mrs Regnault will remain in hospital for at least another three weeks after the stem cells are replaced.