A woman convicted of careless driving last week has been spared her licence so she can help her elderly injured victim with the housework.

Samantha Helen Morrison, 23, pleaded guilty to careless driving causing injury.

Morrison had made a turn into the ANZ bank carpark in Masterton, into the path of an older woman on a mobility scooter, The woman "clipped the side of your car" and fell, suffering significant injury including a broken pelvis, according to Judge Barbara Morris.

"The ongoing effect of this is huge, including being unable to care for her [incapacitated] husband," Judge Morris said. "None of that has escaped you. You are probably now one of the safer drivers on our roads, because you have seen what happens when carelessness is involved."


Morrison's layer, Stephen Taylor, referred to the "somewhat moving report from the outcome of the restorative justice meeting" that had been held for Morrison and the victim.

Mr Taylor said if Morrison were able kept her licence, she would be able to help the victim with her chores on Saturdays.

Morrison, who lives rurally, would also be able to keep her job, Mr Taylor said.

Judge Morris ordered Morrison to pay $100 in emotional harm reparation, "on the understanding for you to offer help for her on Saturdays".