Raging teens surrounded and attacked the car of a delivery worker on her weekend round in the main street of Masterton on Saturday.

The woman, who refused to be named, said she was completing her delivery schedule and had been in Queen St in the early morning on Saturday when she saw a group of about eight youths in the street.

Out of caution she decided to return to her usual route later and went to turn off the main street when the teens surrounded her car and began raining down blows on her vehicle, using hands and feet and push scooters they were riding.

It is understood the youths caused about $1000 worth of damage to the vehicle.


The woman said she reported the incident to police and had followed up her complaint this week to see if the rampage had been captured on CCTV.

She was told the recordings were checked "by a man out of town" and police were yet to be notified what was recorded. The woman said the teens had also attacked the doorway and ATM of the ASB Bank in northern Queen St, although a bank representative told her their footage would be reviewed only with a police order.

The woman said she was more intent on "Masterton facing the problem of why" youths in the district launched unprovoked attacks like that which she had endured and the vandalism and graffiti teens caused as well.

"It shouldn't be about what happened, it should be why something like that happened in Masterton surely," the woman said.

"I was not scared. But there were two groups of Masterton people who drove through the scene while it was happening and they chose not to help," she said.

"It's not about what happened to me, it's about why it happened to me and people's reactions to it."

Distribution manager Nick Kelly said other delivery workers had seen the group of young people while completing their rounds.

He said a staff member believed they would be able to name some of the culprits.