The prize-givings from last year set the tone for the new year.

That's the purpose behind Wairarapa College presenting Gold, Silver and Bronze LEAD awards for Learning with Purpose, Engaging with Pride, Acting with Respect and Daring to Succeed throughout the year.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) team member Charmaine Nelson said it was such a success it was introduced school-wide.

"Students really responded to the public recognition of their achievement and hard work," she said, "and they have now become role models for all students."


The awards were given to students who consistently demonstrated the LEAD values and had shown the ability to manage themselves, demonstrated pride, worked hard, were respectful of others, had consistent positive work habits and demonstrated diligence.

Year 13 Gold award recipient Olivia Sinnema said: "It is nice to know that teachers recognise and see you as a role model and wonderful to have their respect."