A rabble of angry teens screamed abuse at the gates of a Featherston home on Friday in the wake of a memorial service that day for a 15-year-old boy who died after a car crash the previous weekend.

Hoani Korewha, 15, and Pacer Willacy-Scott died of injuries they received after the car in which they were travelling crashed into a light pole in the main street of Masterton while the driver was fleeing police.

Two teens survived the early morning crash and one is to face charges related to the fatal crash.

On Friday afternoon a service was held in Featherston for Pacer and about 5.30pm that day a group of more than 30 teens and a pair of older women assembled at the gates of Featherston father Stephen Longshaw, he said.


Mr Longshaw had his letterbox destroyed and five windows smashed in a similar incident involving a large group of teens storming his home on Monday night.

Mr Longshaw earlier said his 15-year-old daughter had admitted a minor role in the theft of the car in which the two teens died, and that drunken teens had blamed the deaths on the girl, who they had threatened during the previous visits to her home.

Mr Longshaw on Friday called police and about a half dozen officers dispersed the group.

There was no violence or arrests, and the group inflicted no further damage on the home of Mr Longshaw, who had vowed to stand his ground against the teens.