Cheap airfares are attracting the roving eyes of Wairarapa people but a local travel agent says some are holding out in the hope of even better deals.

Grabaseat this week offered return flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco for $788, to Houston for $848 and to Shanghai for $798. Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon said lower fuel costs, an expanded fleet and increased competition would pull down domestic and international prices.

World Travellers Masterton owner Lisa Falk said Wairarapa people were talking about travel but many were waiting to see if they could get a better deal. She said there were always good deals on flights to Australia but cheap long haul flights were harder to come by. As a result, there had been more inquiries recently about travelling to the United States.

Ms Falk said airfares to the US were good but the exchange rate had dropped since last year.


There was a lot of competition between airlines at the moment, which was helping to bring prices down, though the specials didn't typically last long. She thought good deals would keep coming up as a result of the competition and low fuel prices.

Jetstar was also offering competition domestically.

Air New Zealand had its Grabaseat deals, but would need some more dynamic domestic specials, she said. An Air New Zealand spokesperson said 640 seats or 320 return trips across Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Tokyo and Shanghai were made available on its Grabaseat website on Wednesday morning.