Wairarapa commuters are hoping for a more flexible train timetable when French public transport company Transdev takes over KiwiRail's contract in July.

A snapshot of commuters from Carterton shows people are generally "very happy" with KiwiRail's longstanding service, but have a few improvements on their wishlist for this year.

Yesterday Carterton resident Greg Severinsen was heading off to a new job at the Ministry for Environment in Wellington.

He said the train service was good but had some suggestions for the soon-to-be operator.


"Taking this train is good because it's well set up for having a relax on the way to work," he said.

"So as long as that stays. Plugging your computer in or reading a book in the comfy chairs makes the commute to Wellington easy."

Like many other Wairarapa patrons, Mr Severinsen said he would like to see the new service provider organise more flexible commuter times, "like for if you have to work late".

Facebook commenter Debbie Carman said there should also be a "shoppers train" at 9am to accommodate school groups and day-trippers.

"The 10.30 means you don't get to Wellington until midday," she wrote.

"Not enough time to do much at all. A 9am train would also be easier for getting school groups down there for the zoo or Te Papa outings, etc, without having kids vomiting into icecream containers at the front of the bus all the way over the hill!"

As part of Transdev's tender application process last year, the company surveyed a selection of train users in the Wellington region. The survey highlighted a list of products and services that commuters valued, and asked participants to rank the services that appealed to them.

Popular services included having at least one quiet carriage and a tool to advise which carriage has seats before you board.