SOME of the country's top horse and rider dressage combinations will be competing at Solway Showgrounds over Wellington Anniversary weekend.

Dressage Wairarapa is hosting the Eastwood Motor Group North Island Dressage Championships from Friday to Sunday, January 22-24.

"We have been planning the event for months, aiming to make the weekend a successful and memorable one for everyone involved,' said Wendy Jeffery, president of Dressage Wairarapa.

"It has been a real team effort to get this far. Local riders have offered to help out in many roles over the weekend, local businesses have supported the show with sponsorship, and the organising committee has put in huge effort to bring everything together.


"We are looking forward to showcasing the great resources at Solway Showgrounds, and building on our reputation as a friendly and well-organised show team."

She said the dressage demonstrates the grace and elegance achieved between horse and rider after many, hours of training and hard work.

"Even people not usually interested in horses enjoy and appreciate the smart turnout and harmony seen in dressage. It is free for the public to come and watch. A highlight for spectators will be the top musical classes, where the horses seem to be dancing to the music."

Over the weekend competitors at all levels will be vying to be awarded the title of 'Champion of the North Island'. Each combination will ride four tests, with their overall results determining the winner of each level.

The higher level musicals will be performed from 5pm to 7pm on January 23.