The South Wairarapa coast was bustling with holidaymakers and residents over the Christmas break -- most of whom played by the rules.

That's according to Mark Allingham, group manager of infrastructure and services at South Wairarapa District Council.

"The coastal areas were very busy -- probably the busiest in my six years here."

Mr Allingham said campers in general "were really good", and were well-behaved and compliant regarding rubbish regulations and the fire ban.


"[They were] more content to enjoy the great weather and amazing coastline than cause any problems."

Fire had been "a major concern" and the local fire brigades had kept a close eye on areas.

Toilets had been a "constant problem" with the high demand.

"We increased the portaloos out along the Cape Palliser Rd key spots on Boxing Day due to the increased numbers of campers over Christmas and in anticipation of the New Year's influx."

Mr Allingham said "some inconsiderate individuals" had tipped over portaloos at Ngawi.

The busy time proved challenging for council contractor City Care, who had to keep the toilets serviced and clean.

Dog issues at campgrounds had been minimal as most campers were with "well-controlled" pets.