A collision with a dog on State Highway 2 yesterday damaged a car so badly it had to be towed from the scene.

Vicki Harrison, Masterton, was on her way to work in Wellington when she struck a dog running across the road at entrance to Featherston shortly before 6am.

The impact blew the front and side airbags in her car, smashed the front right fender and buckled the bonnet. The dog was killed.

A passing driver stopped to check on Ms Harrison, who was shaken by the incident.


The Featherston fire brigade attended, along with Wellington Free Ambulance.

Fire chief Colin McKenna said he initially thought to look for a damaged power pole, owing the severity of the damage.

Ms Harrison said it was the one morning she had decided to drive to work, rather than take the train.

She said she had slowed down as she reached the 70km/h zone into Featherston when the dog had run across the road.

"I couldn't do anything, it happened so fast."

The Times-Age spoke to the dog's owner, who was distraught and said she had lost "her best friend".

She did not wish to comment further.

Police advised Ms Harrison it was unlikely to be a police matter and up to her insurance company to process.