Complaints about traffic offences in Wairarapa's police district increased last financial year on the previous one but a Wairarapa police officer puts the rise down to improved reporting.

Police figures show the number of reports of traffic offending in the Wellington policing district, which includes Wairarapa, rose from 13,730 in the 2013/2014 financial year to 14,388 last financial year.

The figures include events reported by phone through the 111 emergency and *555 traffic lines or discovered by police.

Events reported several times are recorded once in the data.


Wairarapa traffic Sergeant Chris Megaw said he didn't think driving had worsened or improved in the area but the figures reflected increased reporting.

Locals were concerned by dangerous acts and becoming more inclined to report them to police.

However, Mr Megaw said apprehensions hadn't increased in line with reports.

Reports of unauthorised street racing were up from 893 to 972 during the last two financial years in the Wellington police district.

Mr Megaw said it was difficult to apprehend anyone for unauthorised street racing as it was often over quickly, but police had a good apprehension rate for cases of sustained loss of traction.

Data showed animals featured in 654 reported traffic events in the police district last financial year.

Mr Megaw said if police were alerted to animals on a road they were usually able to get them into some sort of enclosure with the help of stock control staff and bystanders.

He said sheep and cattle were the main culprits in the area.

Overall reported traffic-related events rose from 24,805 in the Wellington police district in the 2013/2014 financial year to 25,510 last financial year.

They included more than 4500 vehicle collisions and nearly 5000 road hazards.

Nationwide the number of *555 calls increased by more than 42,000 last financial year on the previous one.

Nearly 308,000 *555 calls were received last financial year.

People can dial *555 free from a mobile phone to report road incidents that are urgent but not life threatening.

These could include things such as non-injury crashes, erratic driving, traffic congestion, breakdowns and obstructions on the highway.