An unprecedented rise in support for a third-term National Party government and the best electoral performance since 1899 have delivered a clear mandate for reform of the Resource Management Act, says a farming leader.

"Vital reforms to the RMA have been stalled for want of support from National's partners in the last Parliament," Federated Farmers president William Rolleston said.

"There is no ambiguity or room for conjecture on this.

"With major water reforms under way, via the National Policy Statement on Freshwater, we have three years for these reforms to bear fruit. We also have three years to improve the information the public have to become informed by fact instead of fear ..."


"More pointedly, the electorate have again rejected water taxes and a capital gains tax.

"The electorate have also sent a message to political parties that New Zealand's best response to global climate change is to lead the world on carbon efficiency, instead of just blindly slashing production ...

"Farmers look forward to playing our part in a vibrant progressive New Zealand," he said.