Wairarapa Times-Age Facebook posters have hit out at the "supermarket bread price war" suggesting "healthier" items should be discounted instead.

Supermarket chains are having bread price wars across the country after Countdown stores started offering Homebrand bread for $1 on Friday.

New World Masterton matched the offer, selling Budget bread for $1.

Pak 'n Save Masterton also came on board - selling Giant Bread loaves for $1.


Countdown managing director Dave Chambers told the NZ Herald the supermarket hoped to keep its $1 price for as long as possible.

"We can't set a date on it. Our ambition is to hold it as long as we can."

Factors such as an increase in the price of wheat could affect the newly-reduced price, he said.

A spokesman for Pak 'n Save Masterton said they would also try and keep the price going.

The Times-Age asked Facebook users if they thought white bread was a sensible item to discount.

Many said they would rather dairy, fruit and vegetables and meat were reduced, with a number of people suggesting white bread isn't a healthy option.

"Tell me how anyone makes a profit on that! Or are they 'pre-baked' overseas like Cole's Australia so they can get cheap overseas product and labour? I'm happy to pay a bit extra to buy local," Melissa Robinson said.

"Sell Vogel's and grain bread for a dollar? I dare them. It's better to have quality than quantity," Ryan C F Monga said.

"Unfortunately, because of the high carb/sugar and low fibre content, white bread is diabetes bread ... low nutritional content. It would be better to offer $1 a kg for fruit and vegetables," Huia Hamon said.

But others praised the price reduction.

"I think this is a good idea to have $1 loaves, for all the people that actually can't afford much. Mum always told me, if you have bread and butter you have a meal. Yes, other food items could be cheaper, but I doubt they are going to drop the price of milk and cheese," Shannon Mckenna said.