When it comes to making money to buy a house Thorin Williams is one chocolate-flavoured little entrepreneur.

After a discussion last year with his gran, Marian Williams, the 11-year-old Masterton Intermediate School student launched "Thorin's Treats", making up small packets of different flavoured chocolates which he sells door-to-door.

It appears to be quite a profitable little business too, with Thorin already building up his bank balance towards his first home; with slightly more than $5000 already in the bank account.

He started with $1200 from busking and selling a few chocolates to neighbours and now makes 22 different flavours of chocolates, including new flavours like mango and pineapple, lemon clusters, orange and almond and strawberry melon to name a few.


Thorin spends every Monday to Wednesday after school making up the chocolate treats and the rest of the week selling about 100 or so packets, at $2.50 each.

"I want to buy a house for when I get older so I won't have to go flatting, and for security for my future," he told the Times-Age.

His gran prompted him to start the business one day when he asked if he could bake something special as he loved cooking, Thorin said.

"I've always enjoyed baking and with the help of my gran it became both our idea. I've always loved cooking and gran has always loved chocolate but it had to have a point of difference. That's the flavours. Adding fruits and nuts is how we got started."

He has regular customers too.

"I love meeting new people."

As for the future, he looks sure to make his name as an entrepreneur.

"Time will tell," he said.


But his gran, Marion Williams, said he would definitely be going places.

An advertising magnet reading "Thorin's Treat" is plastered across her car.

"He does it all himself. He's a real toiler. He helps everyone with everything. He has a good vision for the future of the business too. His main focus is to get himself a caravan.

"He's been trying to work out where the tow bar will go on my car. He is desperate to do that."

At Christmas his treats were extremely popular with bulk orders arriving daily and Thorin takes orders for special occasions like christenings and birthdays.

A food technician from Auckland also helps him.


"It's trial and error some days but he's quite tight on things.

"He doesn't eat any of the stock ... he's a very sensible young man."

Professionals print Thorin's labels for the chocolates.

If you would like to make contact with Thorin or place a bulk order please email him thorin54@learn-now.school.nz or thorinstreats@xtra.co.nz.