The leadership of Wairarapa's mental health teams held an "Art Day" at King St Artworks yesterday to bond over paintbrushes, clay and stencils.

Around 30 professionals from Care NZ, Pathways, Supporting Families Wairarapa and Wairarapa DHB enjoyed a four-hour tutorial covering watercolour art, stencil art, pottery and sewing.

King St Artworks co-ordinator Ian Chapman said the aim was to provide a "networking day" for the various health providers.

"Come and be together, and be creative together, and doing it in an informal way," he said.


"It's getting to know people in a non-invasive way."

Pathways regional manager Michelle Glenny, concentrating on creating the iconic "three ducks" wall-art, was overheard to say she was sure art wasn't this much fun at school. "I'm sure there were more rules."

She told the Times-Age it was a really great idea.

"It's really cool to be networking with a lot of people. You often hear their names on the phone. And it's nice to be doing something completely different."