A 13-year-old boy was airlifted to Wellington Hospital with head injuries after being hit by a car in Park Rd, Carterton, yesterday.

Police said the local boy had been riding a bike on the road without a helmet, and suffered head injuries and possibly broken bones in the crash.

Sergeant Nicholas Newbery said the boy had been "milling around" in the middle of the road, which was a 100km/h area, with another young boy at about 1pm when a car had come around the corner and failed to stop in time.

"He [the driver] was going maybe 90km/h and he's just collided with one of the children unfortunately ... he's been unable to stop."


Mr Newbery said the injured boy's bike had hit the front of the car. "He ended up hitting the windscreen as well."

"The driver was very, very shocked and upset about what had happened," he said.

Mr Newbery said the boy was in a stable condition.

All cyclists needed to be cautious on the road, particularly in 100km/h zones, and should wear high-visibility vests as well as helmets. "There is probably going to be a bit of a push in the next few weeks to monitor kids on push bikes without helmets," he said.