Children's classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe leapt into life on the Masterton Town Hall stage at the weekend.

More than 200 young performers from the Geraldine Inder School of Dance and Drama brought the story to life through ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary pieces, in this, the school's 65th year.

Performances from a capable group of young actors brought us from war-time London town into the magical world of Narnia.

Edmund (Matthew King), Peter (Angus Syben), Susan (Odette Bayliss) and Lucy (Carys Gibbs) guided us through the dangers of the forest, to the imminent arrival of Aslan and Springtime, the drama of the Stone Table and a happy ending.


Two elegant opening dances were followed by a set from the Grade 1 Jazz dancers, Hide and Seek, that really set the tone for the show - high energy, competent and entertaining dancing.

The costumes sparkled, as did the smiles from tiny dancers, who brought the 'cute factor' to the stage with ballet performances of Snow Play and Fairy Cupcakes.

A flock of comical penguins showed that practice makes perfect with a delightful jazz performance from a well-schooled group of 7-year-olds.

Dramatic jazz performance Discovered, impressive contemporary, Drops of Jupiter, and powerful hip-hop, Whip It and Someone Like You, demonstrated the high standard the senior dance school students are capable of. They displayed their passion and skill through to the end of the show.

Fast and Furious, Steam Heat, Light Me Up and Wake Me Up each lived up to their names and the en-pointe Swans were a delight.

Beavers and Turkish Delights interpreted the story with skill and enthusiasm as did the more abstractly named Nitty Gritty and Revolting Times.

Creative costumes from the talented pool of parents and local dress-makers were a pleasure to see - yet didn't overshadow the talent of dancers from these mid-school grades.

A huge round of applause must go to additional performers, stage crew and dance teachers who have put together another quality show - no doubt enjoyed by the many ex-students and teachers who gathered to share the school's Sapphire Anniversary celebrations this week.

A final performance is on stage at the Masterton Town Hall tonight at 7pm.