Masterton man Eddy Tryselaar, 65, loves a challenge. And when he came across the design of a machine made of wood he reckoned he'd found a good one.

Mr Tryselaar was born in the Netherlands but came to New Zealand with his family when he was 10.

When he left school he worked as a builder, before going on to computer studies and clerical work.

As with many of the blokes at the Henley Men's Shed, he was encouraged by his wife to join after he retired. He did so, two months ago, and found it was a place where he felt at home.


Mr Tryselaar immediately immersed himself in shed life, and his current project came soon after.

"I was reading a magazine and saw plans for a vertical sander made out of wood. I thought that looked like a good challenge so I started on it," he said.

With help from fellow sheddie John Harvey and encouragement from Progressive Engineering the sander rapidly took shape, and this week all that remained was fitting a second-hand electric motor and belt drive.

"It's probably cost me as much as a commercial one, but this is more interesting, seeing I've made it myself," he said. "I had my doubts, but I'm glad it worked," said Mr Tryselaar.

Where to from here? "Well, I like to do a job for myself and then a job for the community," he said. "And then I'll give some thought to what's next."