X-Factor hopefuls Pip and Mel Maynard say the rousing support from Martinborough during their audition process in recent months has been "special".

The 35 year-old identical twins embarked on their X-Factor adventure when they attended the Masterton pre-auditions at the Town Hall on January 22 with about 300 other participants.

The pre-audition tour took in 27 locations nationwide with thousands of talented singers and musicians battling to make it through to the TV stage.

Pip said she and her sister had been performing from a very young age.


"My sister and I have always sang together and we love performing together, it's quite a special [thing]," she said.

"We love it so much and I think a lot of the audience know we love it and appreciate the passion we have for performing."

In January, the girls were asked to perform on a local episode of My Country Song on Maori Television and they then decided to have a crack at the X-Factor.

"There was 300 people there at the pre-auditions," Pip said. "We had no idea [how we'd done], it was just so exciting to make it through and letting our family know we were going to Auckland."

The sisters said the level of support from the Martinborough area had been incredible.

"When you have that kind of backing eventually you start thinking maybe we deserve this.

"It was really touching and really nice."