FLAMBOYANT Carterton mayor Gary McPhee has broken his silence over an incident in the town last Thursday that led to him being questioned by police.
The rangy first term mayor, who stands 6 foot four inches and is a Harley Davidson fan, has described his role in the High Street incident as being something he regretted, but he was not backing away entirely from it.
"I do regret it. It's something I wish I hadn't done but if someone else had done it I would have supported them," he said.
The incident that led to him being interviewed by police involved Mr McPhee pushing his way into a flat in the centre of town and arguing with the people inside.
According to Mr McPhee - and to police ? the flat had been at the centre of many police inquiries.
Mr McPhee said on Thursday he had a few drinks with friends and had fielded yet another complaint about the flat.
He had " rightly or wrongly" intervened by visiting the premises, forcing the door open and confronting those inside.
There had been a "verbal exchange" and he said he had then left without further ado only to be later spoken to by police.
No charges have been laid, or official complaints made.
Mr McPhee said the flat had been a problem area for a long time.
He said he had "reacted, or possibly over-reacted" when he had received the complaint on Thursday night.
"Carterton is my town.
"I am proud of it
"I want it to look good and for people to feel safe."
Mr McPhee said he has been negotiating with the owner of the flat, which is tenanted, over its future.
The mayor was back at work yesterday after being in Tauranga during the weekend and in Wellington on Monday.
He said he has talked to the council's chief executive officer Kieran Shaw over what had happened, but not to his councillors.
"It's really nothing to do with the council."