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Renee Wilkins-Foster








Spotted: Outside the Viaduct Event Centre before her call-time for the New Zealand Fashion Week Opening Party tonight.

How many Fashion Weeks have you done before?
I was here last year but only for one day because I had a water polo tournament on at the same time. This is my first proper Fashion Week.

How many shows have you got on?
I didn't count! I think it's about 14, let's go with that.

Which of those are you most looking forward to walking?
Stolen Girlfriends Club.

What's in your bag?
My phone, my wallet, car keys, lip balm and mascara. Oh, and my backstage passes for the week. I also have a bigger bag in the car that's got a spare pair of black heels in case I get given shoes that don't fit at all, almonds and fruit (because I'm healthy!), a bottle of water and headphones.

What do you think are three essential things for models to have during Fashion Week?
Your phone, definitely, because your agents might be trying to contact you and also because sometimes it's hard to find and remember addresses. Nude underwear and a good attitude because there is a lot of waiting around!

Model Renee Wilkins-Foster.
Model Renee Wilkins-Foster.