Mark Hunt is the UFC's pick to front the Auckland event in June, if he can make a quick recovery from a broken leg.

The Kiwi heavyweight is the UFC's pick as the main drawcard for New Zealand's second UFC event. Vector Arena will host the event on June 11 following the successful UFC Fight Night 43 in 2014.

Senior vice president and head of international content at UFC, Joe Carr told the Radio Sport Breakfast that if fit, Hunt would be the best choice for the event.

Hunt faces a medical suspension and an injury layoff after breaking his leg during his loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 209 in Las Vegas in the weekend.


"I think that's the logical choice. To be honest, it sounds like it's something he wants to do, assuming he's healthy. It would be perfect for us to have him down there," Carr said.

It would be a race against time for Hunt. The 42-year-old posted on social media after Sunday's fight that he suffered a fractured tibia.

"The old warhorse is still alive," he said. "I [will] be back," his post concluded.

Carr said that Hunt is still a big drawcard in UFC and despite allegations he's made against UFC boss Dana White and claims that doping fighters have been allowed to fight him in the past, the New Zealander will remain an option for future events.

Hunt, who made USD $750,000 for the bout with Overeem, remains caught in a legal battle with the UFC following his controversial no-contest with Brock Lesnar (5-3, 1 NC) at UFC 200 last year.

Listen: UFC's Joe Carr on the Radio Sport Breakfast

"He's going to do what he's going to do legally and that's in the courts. As long as he wants to fight and it makes sense for us, I think he will continue fighting. It's ultimately his choice but that's something that Dana and the lawyers will deal with outside the octagon," Carr said.

"Even his fight with Overeem was one of the most-hyped fights on that card. People love watching him and I think people love his style and the knock-outs. So he's not only a huge draw in Australia or New Zealand but even globally for us, especially in Asia for his history in K1. He's big."

Carr confirmed that tickets are set to go on sale in the middle of April with more than 4000 people already registered for early access tickets. Vector Arena has a capacity of around 8000.