Former UFC heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub says top level MMA fighters could refuse to fight in the state of New York, after UFC 208 was blighted by baffling officiating.

Anderson Silva was handed a highly disputed points victory and Holly Holm was controversially denied the UFC featherweight title, after two fouls from her opponent Germaine de Randamie.

New York only recently allowed MMA events in the state and Schaub says their inexperience showed at the weekend's event.

"New York shouldn't have high level martial arts," Schaub said on his The Fighter and The Kid podcast. "They're just not ready for it, from the judging to the refereeing, from all the way down."


"If I was a contender with a lot riding on it, I'm not fighting in New York. Until they get more advanced and catch up with the game, no way.

"Nothing is worse than the people saying 'can't leave it up to the judges'. What the f*** are you talking about?"

Brazilian legend Anderson Silva was handed a controversial win over American Derek Brunson, despite most experts suggesting otherwise.

Fight stats also had Brunson well ahead, but Silva's hand was raised after the three-round contest.

Schaub says judges should have to answer for their decisions, saying they are simply let off too easy when making highly questionable rulings, such as they did at UFC 208.

"Anderson Silva didn't win that fight, not even close," Schaub said. "I give him maybe one round, probably 30-27 Brunson.

"The judges, you should be able to hold them accountable. Nothing happens. They go all right 'we f*** you', sorry. We're huge Anderson Silva fans'."

The victory over Brunson was Silva's first in five fights. Some have called for the 41-year-old to retire, as he continues to look a shadow of his former self inside the Octagon, but Schaub expects Silva's next step will be the furthest thing removed from retirement - a title shot.

"He probably fights Bisping next for a [middleweight] title shot next," Schaub said. "Maybe he shouldn't be fighting anymore.

"Is it right no, is it fair no, do I want to see it, not really. WME-IMG (new UFC owners) all they care about are ratings."

The women's featherweight contest between Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie was also heaped in controversy.

De Randamie was crowned the inaugural featherweight champion, after a close fight. However, the referee failed to penalise her points during the fight, when the Dutch champion hit Holly Holm twice after the bell signalling the end of the round had sounded.

The kickboxer was continually warned by the official, but was only warned, despite rules stating a penalty should be given.

Despite the lack of penalty, Schaub says Holm should still have won the fight.

"Holly had Octagon control. She controlled the clinch for nine minutes of the fight, she had more leg kicks.

"Holly was the aggressor the whole fight and how do you not take away a point [for de Randamie punching Holm after the round], you have to take away a point.

"There shouldn't even be a warning."