The Consumer Affairs Minister is concerned the customers of a bust travel agency might have been victims of fraud.

And Kris Faafoi is urging anyone who thinks they've been misled by the defunct travel firm to contact the police and the Commerce Commission so they can investigate.

The Minister has been briefed about the Travel Globe agency which was issuing its customers with fake tickets and itineraries for at least six months before it went under.

The Auckland-based travel agency went bust this month, owing creditors an estimated $180,000, including potentially hundreds of customers.


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Faafoi said the case was concerning because the firm has been the subject of allegations that customers "may have been the victims of fraud".

"If consumers feel that they have been misled or defrauded, they can report their claim to the Commerce Commission or the police, although that does not guarantee they will get their money back."

On Tuesday, the Commerce Commission had not had any complaints about Travel Globe.

A police spokesperson said "in general" they were unable to respond to queries about whether a specific organisation or individual are, or have been, the subject of a police complaint or investigation.

The Herald understands a number of customers intend to lay complaints with police about Travel Globe and its director, Jujhar Singh, who is a former bankrupt.

And the travel agency's liquidator, Imran Kamal, has previously told the Herald he will pass any evidence of fraud on to police once he completes his investigation.

After his initial investigation, Kamal said he was "extremely concerned" at Travel Globe's practices and that it issued fake tickets and itineraries.


The Herald has seen a fake itinerary issued which includes details like special meals, a flight number and even a bassinet request.

"[They've] received money, they haven't bought the tickets and they've used it for something else," the liquidator said.

A fake itinerary issued by Travel Globe. Image / Supplied
A fake itinerary issued by Travel Globe. Image / Supplied

Aucklander Sumeet Randhawa used Travel Globe in December to book return flights to Delhi for his family.

But he received an email on January 9 saying Travel Globe was insolvent.

He immediately called Thai Airways and was told no booking had been made, despite it previously being "confirmed" in December by the now defunct agency.

Randhawa has had to borrow a further $3200 for emergency last-minute flights because the trip was for his father's retirement.

"It's very stressful because I work part-time and my wife works part-time."