Daredevil holidaymakers have been coming within meters of disaster under the flight path of the airport on a Greek holiday island.

A video has been published online showing passengers blown off a ledge by low-flying aircraft arriving at Skiathos airport.

The runway, which borders a scenic beach, has been drawing thrill-seeking tourists hoping to witness the spectacular landings from close up.



The road running around the airport perimeter is well signposted with warnings. Many signs read "danger please keep away from aircraft blast" as a warning to tourists.
These signs have not stopped visitors from trying to get perilously close to jet planes, arriving on the island.

In a video of a British Airways Embraer E190 coming in to land shows at least 20 tourists standing under the deployed landing gear.

Recorded just last week, the tourists can be seen almost blown over by the powerful jet engines.

Cargospotter, owner of the YouTube channel on which this footage emerged said that this was a particularly low landing.

"The people who were watching the planes were pushed from the wall by the wake turbulence of the Embraer," he said.

The proximity of the runway to a public beach and access way puts people in the path of low-flying planes, whether they are looking for thrills or not.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the short length of the runway makes aircraft manoeuvre particularly difficult. Many flights have to depart with reduced fuel loads in order to be light enough to take off.

The aerobatic landings and low approach have made the strip an attraction for curious plane spotters.


Some have dubbed it the St Maarten of Europe.


St Maarten's Princess Juliana international airport has become notorious for its close proximity to a Caribbean pleasure beach.

The uniquely thrilling setting draws hundreds of tourists at a time to pose for apparently death-defying photos with landing planes.

In 2017 a Kiwi tourist was killed on the island by the air displaced from a landing passenger jet.

While observing landings the New Zealand woman was blown from her feet by a passing plane, receiving fatal injuries to her head.

Danger: Ironically tourists taking death-defying plane selfies in Phuket were threatened with death. Photo / Supplied
Danger: Ironically tourists taking death-defying plane selfies in Phuket were threatened with death. Photo / Supplied

The Dutch overseas territory warns tourists of the dangers but has had difficulty clearing plane spotters from the beach.

In April, authorities in Thailand contemplated harsh punishments to dissuade tourists from posing for photos under the flight path over Phuket's Mai Khao beach.

According to the Bangkok Post, ironically the maximum penalty proposed for those taking death-defying photos on the beach was the death penalty.