Promotion shows campervan on wrong side of road after producer flips footage.

Tourism NZ has confirmed a promotional video of New Zealand it commissioned with a popular American videographer has been indefinitely pulled off the internet after it featured a campervan driving on the wrong side of the road.

Deborah Gray, general manager of corporate affairs, told the New Zealand Herald this afternoon the future of the video remains up in the air after it was finally removed from YouTube this afternoon.

They have currently only had email conversations with the video's maker, Devin Graham, who is more commonly known as Devin Super Tramp, and wanted to chat over the phone before confirming whether it will stay online.

"Because it's Sunday night there we will seek to have a conversation about whether it's a re-post or whether it's essentially pulled tomorrow."


Meanwhile, one of New Zealand's biggest car rental companies, Hertz, is today vowing to change a photo on its website of a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road.

Hertz couldn't confirm how long the image had been on the home page of its website but New Zealand country manager Mark Righton says they get a lot of their pictures off their parent site,

Mr Righton says it's the first time he's seen the image on its website.

"That's obviously come through from our global site ... we change our images quite regularly, obviously, so that's the first time I've seen that particular shot so our marketing department has obviously changed that and shuffled it through and obviously that's not a good one for ... So, I will have a look at that and we will get that fixed considering the current environment and trying to keep people safe."

The Hertz rental car web page shows a car being driven on the right side of the road.
The Hertz rental car web page shows a car being driven on the right side of the road.

Mr Righton went on to do defend the picture, stating that its 'New Zealand Safe Driver Tips' were also on its home page, directly next to the picture.

"On that front page you've got the whole NZ safe driving tips right beside that image and clearly in that is all the information about driving safely in New Zealand and links through to drive safe and the top tips and keep left, but it's a good point, we just need to make sure that our images are in line with that ... It's probably a new campaign that came out on October 1. It's popped up and someone hasn't noticed that they've grabbed a slide from there."

Queenstown man Brentleigh Bond discovered Hertz's error this morning, the second he has found involving the company so far this year.

"It's just so easy to do isn't it, from their point of view, they get this stuff all done in the States and it comes out here and they just whack it in."


Mr Bond says it isn't a good look as there is a high crash rate in the Otago area.

It's the second time he has come across wrong driver safety information on its website.

Mr Bond says he also got in touch with the company and Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss in January after it used a picture showing a view from the right hand side of the road looking straight ahead on its Safe Driving Tips New Zealand information page.

He received a response from Minister Foss in February who alerted him to the combined NZ Transport Agency and ACC, Visiting Drivers Signature Project, before suggesting he bring it to Hertz's attention.

"There was quite bit of publicity earlier this year about the high accident rate due to these crashes in this area over last summer, and I'd just rented a Hertz car in Auckland and I don't know why, but I thought I'd have a look through and thought 'gosh, this isn't right'. We've got all this press about these accidents that are caused by drivers on the wrong side of the road and here we are with a major rental car company showing the wrong picture, on their safety page. And now on their home page."

The picture on Hertz's safe driving tips was corrected earlier this year after being contacted by Mr Bond.

Tourism New Zealand promotional video with the campervan on the wrong side of the road.
Tourism New Zealand promotional video with the campervan on the wrong side of the road.