In response to Janet Mace's letter in the Chronicle ("Poor cousins' waiting room", December 19) about the travel centre, we too would prefer that the InterCity bus pick-up and drop-off had better facilities for passengers and was in a more central location.

Tranzit Coachlines own the Whanganui Travel Centre in Ridgway St. InterCity bus is only one of a group of transport services that run from this location.

Whanganui Travel Centre is not a district council-owned facility, and we have little choice in where it is located except to talk to the owners, which we have already done.

We have urged Tranzit Coachlines to consider moving the bus stop and the council has identified more central locations such as Taupo Quay or Victoria Ave.


There is also money in our long-term plan for improvements to a passenger drop-off site at a more convenient location, and we are happy to continue to have conversations with Tranzit Coachlines.

Chief executive, Whanganui District Council

Buses are vital

At this time of year I would like to give thanks to all the people in my life and the services they provide throughout the year.

People such as the newspaper delivery person who starts my day off so well, and the bus drivers — such very important people, not only in my life but many others for whom the buses and their friendly drivers are a necessity, providing a reliable service to those who either cannot drive or do not own a car.

The buses also provide a social link with most passengers enjoying a good chat on their way to town.

With regard to the letter in the Chronicle (December 12) from David Bennett, he obviously knows nothing about how vital our buses are, carrying the elderly, the pram pushers, people with walkers and their shopping etc.

I imagine Mr Bennett has never had the necessity or the pleasure of being a bus passenger.


I remember the time when we endured the taxi bus service in spaces so small our knees were touching the opposite person, never mind how hot and sweaty we all became in the summer. Yuk!

I certainly hope we never return to those days.

Thanks are also due to the district council and to Horizons Regional Council for their work in renovating, cleaning and maintaining our bus shelters — again something a lot of us are very grateful for.

I wish you all a blessed, safe and happy Christmas.


Why so secret?

The person who leaked the so-called sensitive documents about what the iwi want should get a pat on the back. Why is it such a big secret? Are there under-the-table dealings going on?

Most of this land etc, Tangata Māori have already had payment for.

If you read the Treaty of Waitangi, each and every one of the 500 Tangata Maori chiefs shook Lt Governor Hobson's hand and said, "He iwi tahi" — We are now one nation/people.

Not so now, it seems. If there is nothing to hide, surely the claimants (Māori) would want the so-called one nation behind them on a claim, not in the dark. And to claim on water (renewable resource). Come on, that's as bad as claiming on air.

At the end of the day Māori are immigrants, the same as all of us.

The first thing Māori tell you is the waka they arrived here on/in and, as to reply to W Shaw of Marton on the December 9, there were people here even before Maori. As we all know, the evidence is overwhelming, but to admit to that would affect all claims made by Māori.


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