From the moment you jump into the shower in the morning until you stagger back home later that night after a few post-work beers, council services are affecting you every step of the way.

The hot water cascading out of your showerhead and snapping you out of your slumber is provided by Watercare, one of six council-controlled organisations.

It draws, treats and delivers water through a network of pipes, and also deals with wastewater in much of the city. Auckland Council issues consents for the installation of water and septic tanks.

The council also picks up the stuff you don't want any more, through rubbish and recycling collections, and inorganic rubbish pickups.


It maintains the footpaths that you use to walk to the bus stop in order to get to work, and also runs the bus service that you will use once you get there through Auckland Transport.

Once lunchtime rolls around, a quick bite relaxing under a tree at a nearby park is an appealing option, and council services make that a possibility through maintaining the city's parks.

They also provide food licensing and grades to the cafe you bought your lunch from.

Your after-work drink also comes under the council's influence, with local alcohol policies
dictating the location, number and trading hours of licensed premises.