Community gem Jase Lunn is back in action with a new trailer, thanks to the kindness of strangers and a trailer company.

Lunn is well-known in Tauranga for his contribution to the community but had his trailer stolen from a street in Judea between June 7 and 8.

A friend of Lunn's sent the Bay of Plenty Times story about the trailer being stolen to Tuff Trailers Tauranga sales manager Garry McKane.

The cost of the replacement trailer stood at $2700 and more than 100 people had contributed around $2000 through a Givealittle fund.


The pair came to an agreement where Tuff Trailers used the Givealittle money to cover the majority of the replacement trailer cost, with the remaining $700 waived by the company.

Lunn said the news that he'd be getting a replacement left him "over the moon".

"I said to Garry, 'look mate I'm grinning hard. This is going to take a day or two to sink in'.

"I just wanted to tell everyone, eh. I can't thank them enough," he said.

Lunn picked up the trailer this week and it has already been put to good use. He used it to deliver four beds to a family who were sleeping on the floor and dropped off a washing machine to a person in need.

The goods were offered by people who didn't want them to be sold or taken to the dump but still wanted them to be put to good use.

Tuff Trailers Tauranga sales manager Garry McKane said Lunn bought his original trailer from the company and they wanted to do something to give back to him after it was stolen.

"He's a giant of a man but he's got a heart of gold," McKane said.


"He brings the best out of people."

McKane said the world would be a better place if there were more people in the world like Lunn.

He was stunned by Lunn's contribution to the community, whether it's by his annual Christmas toy drive or delivering essential household goods, like beds, to those in need.

"We're really humbled by what he does. He doesn't expect anything in return," McKane said.

"His reaction is anyone would do it, but not everyone would or does do it."