Today on The Country, we look back at major events, and look ahead at what's in store with weather and the GM debate, all accompanied by the music of 2001.

On with the show:

Winston Peters:

Because today is effectively our 9/11 we ask the Deputy PM to take a trip down memory lane in today's political-free zone to reflect on the most momentous events and world leaders since World War II.


Andy Thompson:

Following comments made yesterday by the PM's outgoing Chief Scientist, Sir Peter Gluckman, suggesting it was time for a public debate on the use of GMOs to combat GHG emissions, we talk to a former West Coast cow cocky who's all fired up about fighting climate change with GM grasses.

Listen to the show below:

Geoff Gwyn:

MPI's Director of Response on M. bovis updates the latest numbers on Infected Properties and has some advice for dairy farmers looking to source service bulls for mating.

John Scott:

In an interview five years in the making, we catch up with a Scottish farmer who's hosting the Resilient Farmer, Doug Avery, who's on a motivational speaking tour of the UK.

Todd Charteris:

Rabobank's September Agribusiness Monthly Report due for publication later this week paints a largely positive picture for the NZ primary industry sector, but with some notable headwinds in the form of climate, disease and Donald Trump. Rabobank NZ's chief executive, Todd Charteris rates the commodity outlook for the NZ primary sector (scale 1-10).

Ben Noll:


NIWA weather forecaster on a tough past week, a relatively good one ahead and what spring has in store for us longer term.