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The "dairy whānau" has been working together "to bring clarity for farmers and those who support them" during these testing times, says DairyNZ's chief executive Dr Tim Mackle.

Mackle told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum that DairyNZ had been conducting "good practical" meetings online with Federated Farmers, Dairy Women's Network, DCANZ and Fonterra as New Zealand faces alert level 4 to stop the spread of Covid-19.

DairyNZ had two key focuses for the immediate future said Mackle.


• Helping farmers to farm their way through the outbreak.
• Resolving issues.

Helping farmers farmer included farm-management and also managing people's wellbeing said Mackle.

Resolving issues was focused on registering essential services for safe practice and helping farmers cope with self-isolation.

One further aspect of the lockdown was communication, and Mackle said it was important to make sure "we're all giving consistent messages so people don't get confused in these times."

DairyNZ had help and support for farmers through its website and its Consulting Officers (CO's) were available on the phone if they needed said Mackle.

"If there are things that farmers clearly are grappling with or think they need then sing out and we'll get onto that ASAP."

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