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Fonterra's new strategy to get the most of out its milk is already underway says Judith Swales.

Swales was already in her new role at Fonterra as CEO for Asia Pacific, a position she told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum she was "really excited about".

The newly-created role was part of a key change in Fonterra's new operating model said Swales.


"It's seen us move from two large central businesses, that's our ingredients and our consumer and food service roles to three in-market, customer-facing sales and marketing organisations".

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Asia Pacific captures the "home market", including Australia, New Zealand, the wider Pacific and South and East Asia, said Swales.

The new role will bring Fonterra closer to its customers which will improve the way the co-op works, said Swales.

"The more that we know what they need and what they want is a good starting point for us to know how we maximise the value of New Zealand milk".

"So whenever they want something from our co-op, whether it's ingredients or it's food service or consumer products, my team are going to be able to then work out how do we supply that from the co-op".

The new structure was "great" as it was setting up Fonterra "to align with the front end" which is what customers and consumers want said Swales.

Most importantly, she said, it will "ultimately maximise every litre of milk".

Also in today's interview: Swales talked about how India is a great example of how Fonterra's new strategy will work, and the co-op's partnership with Future Consumer, one of India's largest consumer companies.