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Move over wearable art; step in wearable computers. A team of scientists have coated cotton thread with gold nano-particles and polymers turning the humble thread into a transistor. This could usher in an era of heart-rate monitoring t-shirts or radiation detecting clothing.
Via Inhabitat.

Newest computers not only tiny but affordable
Computers are not just becoming more wearable but also more affordable. An exciting new project by Raspberry Pi Foundation is about to launch, where you can buy a barebone computer, barely larger than a credit card, for US$25. The motivation behind the project is maintaining computer literacy and increasing access to computers.

Fancy a 6-course vegan meal?
South African cuisine is famously meat-based-think biltong and boerewors-which highlights how unusual it is that Chef Rudi Liebenberg has created a 6-course vegan meal for Planet Bar and Restaurant in Cape Town. The vegan diet includes no animal products; items which feature on Liebenberg's menu include: a portobella mushroom terrine, gazpacho, and a spiced chickpea fritter.