Stephen Colbert's week-long series on New Zealand is airing on his talk show this week, and the first segment, which screened last night, featured a Lorde prank and plenty of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

NZ Herald TV columnist Anna Murray reckoned "America (and New Zealand) should prepare to be completely charmed." So was this the case?

Reactions from some American viewers lean towards a yes.

"Stephen Colbert's New Zealand trip is already my favourite thing on a late night talk the entire year?" Concluded one fan.

Stephen Colbert shared a barbecue with Clarke Gayford, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Lorde. Photo / CBS
Stephen Colbert shared a barbecue with Clarke Gayford, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Lorde. Photo / CBS

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Another viewer thought the $100,000 was well worth it: "Apparently the government only spent $100k. Which is an absolute bargain." Tourism New Zealand predicts a $5 million dollar return on the investment.

Our population was a surprise for one person who tuned in.

However, not all American viewers were pleased with the New Zealand focused segment.

An angry viewer tweeted to Stephen Colbert that he should "freaking leave" if he didn't like it in the USA - and told him to "just stay" in New Zealand.

Regular viewers of the talk show, which is known for its political commentary were disappointed the ongoing impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump weren't given more airtime.

The special even made our Aussie neighbours jealous:

For her part, Ardern sounded happy enough with the coverage: "I didn't see the segment before it aired and although it's always a bit awkward watching yourself on screen (particularly when singing is involved!) any chance to showcase our beautiful country will always be worth it," she told the Herald. "It was a pleasure to spend a short time with the Colbert team and I know that New Zealanders would have made them feel welcome throughout their trip."


Colbert's further adventures in New Zealand include a trip to Hobbiton with Sir Peter Jackson and a tour of Wellington with Lucy Lawless and Bret McKenzie.

• The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights on Prime.
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