The American launch of Disney's long awaited streaming service Disney+ has been plagued with multiple day one problems, earning it a D-Minus grade from many early adopters.

However those that could log in have been revelling in nostalgic bliss as they seek out the more obscure titles tucked away in the menu screens.

Enthusiastic subscribers flocked to the service, which is home to fan favourite franchises like Star Wars, Marvel and Disney's own formidable catalogue of classics, only to be frustrated by multiple tech problems.

Beset by a range of issues some people could not log in at all, others could not access specific content while others found the service to be incompatible with their streaming devices.


People have taken to social media to report that calls to the Disney customer service hotline has kept them on hold for over two hours before abruptly hanging up on them.

The launch has proven so problematic it has even earned its own hashtag, #disneyfail, which people are using to vent.

Disney issued a statement blaming unexpectedly high demand for the problems and their official Twitter account tweeted that they were working to "quickly resolve the current user issue".

However, other users have had nothing but a magical experience with Disney+, with the service enjoying an outpouring of nostalgic love from adult viewers who really, really love its catalogue of modern shows and old classics.

Disney+ launches in Aotearoa on Tuesday, November 19.