I was a little bit peeved to find out my most anticipated TV show of the year, the second season of Donald Glover's Atlanta, wasn't going to screen here until the middle of the year. I asked some questions. And I got some answers. After initially saying it was only "coming soon", Sky TV's decided to rush-release Donald Glover's super black hip-hop comedy. It'll kick off with a double episode this Saturday on SoHo at 8.30pm, and weekly episodes will air each Saturday after. That's almost at the same time as they screen in the US. No thank yous are necessary. I'm just doing my job.

LISTENING: Got room in your life for another true crime podcast? If so, you should be tuning into Atlanta Monster. From the team behind Up and Vanished, it's a deep dive into a series of child murders in Atlanta in the late 1970s that was pinned on one man: Wayne Williams. Did he do it? That's the question the podcast sets out to answer, and so far, eight episodes in, they've done an incredible job in nabbing key interviews, uncovering new evidence and painting a picture of race relations in America that is eerily relevant to what's going on right now. New episodes drop every Saturday.

WATCHING: If you hadn't noticed, horror movies are making a comeback. I'm not talking about gross-out gorefests like Saw and Hostel. I'm talking about psychological creepfests that are all about what you don't see on screen. On Netflix, you can watch ouiji board shocker Veronica and forest freak out The Ritual right now. Winchester has just been in cinemas and I am 100 per cent planning a trip to San Jose to visit the Mystery House labyrinth asap. On top of that, A Quiet Place will whisper into theatres in April, and Toni Collette's "pant-wettingly scary" Hereditary is coming in June. I'm all in.


PLANNING: I've already got my bag out and my stuff packed for a trip to New Plymouth next weekend. Why would I drive all that way? What the heck is down there, I can hear you asking. Womad, of course. It's the last music festival of the summer and it's in the best concert venue in the country - the Bowl of Brooklands. If you haven't been there, I thoroughly encourage you to book a trip: the bowl is a natural grassy amphitheatre and the stage has a moat around it. Next door is Pukekura Park with a lake you can row boats around, and nearby is a free zoo for the kids. Picturesque? The whole thing was made for Instagram. And I haven't even mentioned the artists playing. Get on Air BnB quicksmart if you want to go.