Using their thumbs and fingertips social media users have sung praises of the new presenters of Seven Sharp.

New presenters Jeremy Wells and Hilary Barry were well received in their first appearance together on Monday night after they were announced to replace Toni Street and Mike Hosking.

The new presenters made one student put down her phone and Netflix.

"There's this stereotype of students abandoning traditional media for 3 am Netflix binges and iPhones, but tonight, my student buddies and I are sitting down (in front of an actual TV!) for the first episode of the new Seven Sharp with Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells!"


Edge radio host Dominic Harvey said he "loved the hat tip to Paul Holmes" after Wells ended the show by saying "Those are our people tonight", a nod to the late broadcaster's typical sign-off.

Others were also pleased with the subtle nod.

Comedian Guy Williams tweeted it was interesting to see Wells in a job that he had spent "most of his career taking the piss out of".

The episode followed weeks of speculation on who exactly would co-host with Hilary Barry.

In late January TVNZ confirmed Radio Hauraki's Jeremy Wells would accompany Barry as the new hosts of Seven Sharp.

The Seven Sharp desk was left vacant last year when Hosking and Street surprised viewers with news they would not return in the new year.