Comedian Jo Brand earned roaring applause during a recent appearance on UK comedy quiz show Have I Got News For You, taking her fellow male panellists to task for minimising the impact of systemic sexual harassment.

The veteran British comic and actor was the sole female panellist on the popular TV show when talk turned to recent reports of inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment by politicians in the House of Commons.

These reports come as sexual harassment and assault allegations in the entertainment industry make headlines every day, with the spotlight shining on heavy hitters like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

To the men on the panel, though, the topic was ideal joke fodder - one of the reports said a Tory MP had taken his personal trainer out to the cinema, which saw journalist Ian Hislop remark that "some of this is not high-level crime, is it?" to laughs from the audience.


When the laughter subsided, Brand spoke up.

"If I could just say, as the only representative of the female gender here today, I know it's not 'high-level'. But it doesn't have to be high-level for women to feel under siege in somewhere like the House of Commons," she explained.

"Actually, for women, if you're constantly being harassed, even in a small way, that builds up and that wears you down."

Brand's remarks earned her a big round of applause from the studio audience - including several audible female cheers.

Her fellow panellists, on the other hand, appeared rather chastised:

On social media, viewers applauded Brand for speaking up rather than letting the comment slide: