You have heard of Keeping Up with the Kardashians - now three Northland sisters are in a reality television show of their own, which could potentially be seen worldwide.

Keeping Up with the Kaimanawas focuses on Hukerenui equestrians Vicky, Amanda and Kelly Wilson as they are randomly allocated wild Kaimanawa horses, who have never been touched by humans, with the goal of training them in time for New Zealand's first Wild Stallion Challenges.

Tamara George, of TVNZ's international programme sales, said it was too early to say how well the show would do overseas but distribution rights had been granted.

"It looks like it could do well on several channels."


The wild horse charity Kaimanawa Heritage Horses created New Zealand's first Wild Stallion challenges, with the goal of raising awareness of the number of horses often sent to slaughter during the regular musters every two years.

It is a cause the Wilsons have championed for many years, with their efforts to save as many horses as possible gaining national recognition.

The Wilsons are three of 12 trainers invited to compete in the Wild Stallion challenges. At each event, horse and rider teams compete in preliminary classes, and the highest placing horses are chosen to compete in the finals.

Trainers then present a freestyle performance to showcase their Kaimanawas' abilities and talents.

The Wilson sisters. Photo / NZME.
The Wilson sisters. Photo / NZME.

Keeping Up with the Kaimanawas

follows the family, including mum Heather, for a period of 150 days, from the muster of the Kaimanawas in the central North Island last May, until the competition arena at Equidays in Hamilton in October.

The eight-part series begins on Tuesday at 8pm on TV One.