Australian X Factor contestant Josh Brookes has been sacked from the reality show for breaching social media rules, while former finalist Adil Memon has deactivated his Twitter account.

The Seven Network released a statement saying Brookes, one of the 11 remaining contestants who was being put up in an apartment in Sydney, was being sent home to Perth as he "behaved in an inappropriate manner".

Media reports suggest Brookes had tried to solicit nude photos from some of his 24,000 followers during an unauthorised Twitcam chat this week.

He was apparently using Twitcam with Memon who was had been eliminated from X Factor on Tuesday night.


Memon has since deactivated his Twitter account while Brookes' last posting was some 20 hours ago.

"During an out of hours social media session Josh behaved in an inappropriate manner that put him in breach of his responsibilities to the program," Seven has announced in a short statement.

"After a careful review of the incident, FremantleMedia Australia, producers of the program, together with Channel Seven made a joint decision to remove him from the competition.

"Josh will return home to Perth."

Both Josh, 20, and Memon, 18, were in the under-25 team under the guidance of former Spice Girl Mel B.

Now the pair has been eliminated, Mel B only has country kid Jason Owen to mentor.

Seven said they intend replacing Brookes later this week.

It's likely his replacement will be one of the three singers Mel B eliminated following the superboot camp and home visits segments.

Looking at being recalled are either Matt Cenere, Matt Gresham or Carmelo Munzone, who is considered the most likely to return to the hit series.

Memon may have been in line for a recall following his emotional exit on Tuesday night,

However, considering he has since deactivated his Twitter account and is implicated in the incident with Brookes, it's unlikely he'll even be considered.