Want to explore the outdoors but worry about getting lost? Would love to go for a wander around in nature but don't really know where to go?

A new app promises to get Kiwis out in nature easily and safely.

Wild Things, New Zealand's biggest trail running club, has teamed up with Sydney-based app creator RunHunters to provide a free service to Kiwis wanting to venture outdoors.

The free RunHunters app now includes more than 100 trails from the Wild Things Trail Running directory.


This means New Zealanders can safely navigate trails they would otherwise not venture into, as they'll have maps and all necessary info about the trail at their fingertips, even when offline.

The app is aimed at runners but can, in theory, be used by anyone who wants to go for a wander outdoors, at whatever pace. Each trail listing gives you estimated times of completion, whether you're a beginner runner or an experienced one.

The run information screen for each run gives runners everything they need to enjoy their outing safely, with confidence and without fear of getting lost. In addition to the map of the run, it features a description, surface type, elevation and other details about the run.

Both the Wild Things Trail Directory and the RunHunters app use crowdsourced information from local runners, meaning information is fresh and up to date.

App users can easily drop pins and helpful information for each run, including parking, junctions, warnings and even tips for the all-important post-run indulgences such as the nearest pub for a beer or nearest bakery for a pie.

The app has been optimised for trails and areas of poor connectivity, meaning you can navigate your way on the fly even with no mobile signal or when you're using your phone on flight mode.

"From day one our mission has been to give runners the information and the confidence to get out and explore great runs. Core to that goal is runners being able to trust the information on the RunHunters app," Matty Abel and Henry Talbot, creators of RunHunters, said.

"We're really excited to partner with Wild Things because the people behind it [Mal & Sally Law], and the Trail Directory they have built over the past couple of years, are hugely respected and trusted in the New Zealand trail running community. It's going to be exciting to see this partnership grow over the coming months," they added.


According to Mal Law, co-founder of Wild Things "this partnership makes our already very popular directory of some 1000 NZ trail runs even more useful".

"By giving people the ability to navigate described routes from their phone, even when they have no reception, we can help them gain confidence and stay safe on the trail. We're all about inspiring people to give trail running a go. The beauty of this partnership is that it adds power to what we can offer runners of all abilities, but particularly the less experienced ones," Law said.

The app creators will continue to load New Zealand-based trails onto the app, meaning there'll be plenty of new trails for anyone to explore this year, wherever in the country they are.

The RunHunters app is available for free for iOS and Android phones, in both the Apple and Google app stores.