A Vodafone glitch has allowed a number of users to see the private information of other users on the company's app.

"This morning when I opened my MyVodafone app, I discovered I was logged into a stranger's account," Reuben Pollock tells the Herald.

"I contacted Vodafone and it seems that this is a system-wide problem for them.

"I was pretty shocked and it's worrying knowing somebody else could be logged into my account."

Pollock said, however, you couldn't see much and to do anything requires a password.


A Vodafone spokeswoman confirms the problem, telling the Herald, "At 7am today, a planned upgrade to the MyVodafone app resulted in an unexpected caching issue. The upgrade was rolled back within 15 minutes and the caching issue corrected.

"The analysis is ongoing, but we have confirmed that at least three customers' personal information was exposed in the brief period of time between the upgrade and the rollback this morning. The root cause of the incident has been identified and remedied, and as Vodafone is PCI compliant, full credit card details of these impacted customers were not visible."

"We've advised the Privacy Commissioner and are contacting these customers to notify them."